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One thing I did notice is that there are very few foreigners in Czech from afro or Indian backgrounds, I didnt ever come across an Indian person,so I guess like anywhere someone is new people will turn heads. I think there is nothing wrong with inter-racial relationships. and I think my friends wouldn't have any problems with it... Right now im dating this girl from CR who is working in my country and we are both very happy with our relationship here, but the fact is that she doesnt know how to handle the situation with her parents because everyone in her family has Slavic Roots and im from Latinamerica.Guess youll have to just find out what people think,anyway shouldnt matter,if your happy with your partner. Only problem I can potentially see is overcoming cultural differences. If I picture average Czech parents whom their son/ daughter just introduced his/her partner from different race, I guess the parents would be surprised first. I have a friend from India who also have a girlfriend in CR and meeting the parents was not so easy, he found some problems not because of the skin color but because of Cultural differences like Religion, which is not a strong subject among youth, but parents... SO i guess it depends on the person, young people are changing, take your chances and go off, Interracial relationships dont provide only cultural enrichment, youll have a great time. Im of Irish decent and have no problems with the people in Czech when I visit the country.In July–August, together with the professional crew of experts, the vehicle visited children's outpatient clinics, maternity hospitals and perinatal centers in Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia and the Chechen Republic.

The first stage of the campaign was held last year in the Pskov, Novgorod and Leningrad regions. During July–August, experts of the mobile center “Towards Safety” met with thousands of residents of the three North Caucasian republics.

They must harmonize between finding someone who is suitable religiously, and culturally.

The cultural aspect can get confusing because while a person may be Indian, they have more in common with a Bengali person who grew up here also as opposed to an Indian person from ‘back home.’ It is that point though, that parents have a tough time coming to grips with.

Japan's news agency Kyodo at the time reported that Japan had not seen such a flyby for three years, he added.

"I think that with these two flights, Russia's Aerospace Forces defined what might become the next battle ground and sent a certain message to American partners, who are trying to set up their own scenario for military and political developments in the restive area," the political analyst suggested.

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The campaign took place in Grozny, Nalchik and Vladikavkaz.