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By creating music that is both dark and highly melodic, the band has influenced a slew of gothic/ethereal bands.On their new release, “The Rapture,” Siouxsie and the Banshees prove to be as unique and innovative as ever., fresh off a photo shoot and all made up in his trademark teased hair and lipstick, Robert Smith sat in a New York City hotel bar in front of a stack of Cure CDs.He picked up each one and recounted the story of its recording ... After nearly every major label rejected their demo tape, three schoolmates from the London suburb of Crawley signed with Polydor imprint Fiction Records.

Robert Smith, who was opening for the band with The Cure, came in on guitar but left in 1984.

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This time, Robert Sandall interviews Robert Smith of The Cure in 1989 about their landmark album, Disintegration.

The Jam were recording their album during the day and we used to sneak in at night and use their equipment – we knew the bloke who was looking after it – to record our album. It was all kind of done by Parry without my blessing. I had dreamed of making an album, and suddenly we were making it and my input was being disregarded. tour opening for Siouxsie and the Banshees, Smith began playing in both bands after the headlining band's guitarist defected.

I decided from that day on we would always pay for ourselves and therefore retain total control. Smith wore the same drab clothing on stage for each set, prompting an scribe to write that the Cure had "no image, no style." When it was time to return to Morgan Studios, bassist Michael Dempsey voiced distaste for Smith's new atmospheric songs, and Smith replaced him with Simon Gallup.

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Especially amused is an untidy, gangly looking bloke huddled over a small green monitor screen which he scans with eccentrically swivelling Marty Feldman eyes.

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